1. Local hunt or type of bit

  2. Top condition or a favourite treat

  3. Horny protruberance of fetlock  or type of fungi

  4. Linger at the back , follow and for some the hairies crowning glory

  5. The finish of the course or dressage test

  6. *Not to rule but to direct

  7. Fruit of tree or food pellet

  8. Place where we should leave the white boards

  9. A signal or type of help

  10. A computer animated Disney film and the direction you go when you jump

  11. Perfect type of horse or make of saddle

  12. Be Going in a direction which is not straight forward

  13. seated or rise !

*a cryptic one!!


  1. South Warwickshire village or noseband

  2. Rail against or vital piece of tack for most of us

  3. Flashy, stretched out two time pace

  4. A simple crown or top of the hoof

  5. An impolite way to say “Rubbish!” or a governing body

  6. Set up in a hasty way, a sailing boat or fruity male horse

  7. Cows are known for them but mares have them too

  8. Initials of help group which some riders with ‘patchy twats’ may end up at

  9. We can’t afford the vet so we don’t want our horses to be it..

  10. Person from Eastern European country , long stick and jumping training aid

  11. Something we may call our horse when annoyed or information technology

  12. A device used to treat injuries in horses and part of a curve

  13. Short form of competition involving a combination of knockdown able and solid fences

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