Area 6 Qualifiers and National Championships 2021

Event                                       Hosting Club                            Venue                            Date

Show jumping  (AQ)              HWRC                                      BCA                               2nd April 

Combined Training  (AQ)     WBRC                                       Wellington                    4th April

Arena Eventing (NC)              BRC                                           Aston Le Walls             22/23rd May

Hunter Trials  (AQ)                 HWRC /WRC                           Snowball                      30th May

Dressage (AQ)                          Naphill                                      BCA                               27th June

Show jumping AQ)                  SORC                                        BCA                                10th July

Horse Trials (NC)                      BRC                                          TBC                                 6-8th Aug

DTM / Quadrille (NC)              BRC                                           TBC                                TBC     

AQ= Area Qualifier    NC = National Championship

Area Qualifiers are organised be the Area Liaison Committee at which members maybe able to qualify for National Championship* as run by BRC as either an individual or member of a team. 

The official BRC competition year runs from 1 April - 31 March and these competitions are run under BRC rules.

Pre entries for qualifiers and championships have to be made and paid for by the club at least 21 days before the competition and are a binding obligation to pay the additional full entry fees.

Those who wish to take part will be eligible to pay at least part of the total entry fee and must ensure they comply with the requirements and rules (to download BRC Rules click here).


* If you qualify for a championship BRC will notify the Team Manager. Only those who have qualified and been invited to championships can compete at these competitions


Horses must be fully vaccinated against Equine Influenza to take part in any qualifier or championship and must have complete their inital vaccination programme or have recievd a booster no more than 6 months and  21 days and no less that 6 days preceding the competition

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